09 July 2005

Updated: Shaun of the Dead

The wife and I watched Shaun of the Dead again last night. We noticed that the host of NBC's Hit Me Baby 1 More Time is in one of the TV bits that Shaun flips through. Before we watched, we did a brief search for a drinking game based on the movie and came up empty. So, we decided to write one ourselves. Feel free to critique or contribute.

Take one sip:

  • Whenever someone says “mum”

  • Whenever someone mentions the Winchester

  • Whenever a zombie is whacked on the head

  • Whenever someone is called a “twat”

  • Whenever David (“Davs”) acts like a putz

  • Whenever someone uses a phone

Take two sips:

  • Whenever Ed says, “I’m sorry, Shaun”

  • Whenever someone is bitten by a zombie

  • Whenever Shaun makes an excuse for Ed

  • Whenever someone points out to Shaun that he’s got red on him

  • Whenever Shaun says about Philip, “He’s not my dad”

  • Whenever Ed says something about Shaun’s mum

Drink the rest of your drink:

  • Whoever doesn’t do the zombie moan on cue, when Shaun and Ed are leaving the Winchester, singing “White Lines”
  • NEW! (Thanks to tabitha jane) When "Davs" gets yanked through the Winchester doorway and disemboweled by zombies (Cheering and/or toasting optional)


Mister Jinxy said...

Drink an entire fifth of Old Number 7 when the zombies come crashing through your window.

Ghost Dog said...

Then save a mouthful, light a match, and spew fire at them, right?

Mister Jinxy said...

No, just get drunk and die.

tabitha jane said...

heh heh. good game. and if you are a lightweight like me, puke promptly when you see (what's his name) get his legs ripped off, torso torn open and guts devoured. (i laughed so hard at that point in the film!)

Ghost Dog said...

Hmm...you're onto something, t. I could add that to the "Drink the rest of your drink" section.

JJJj: Get drunk and die?! I'm shocked to hear that from someone who owns The Zombie Survival Guide. I need to acquire and read that.

Ryan said...

Perhaps we should do this on Saturday. :)