24 July 2005

That's Pretty F'd Up Right There II: A Different Incident

There's a difference between Freedom of Expression and Criminally Damaging Other Peoples' Property. You take a flag off my property and burn it, I will find you and disembowel you. I have a nice sharp set of swords to do it with. Burn your own goddamn flag, if you have to...and do it somewhere else.

You might be thinking, "Damn, that's disturbing, man. What's got your hackles elevated now, Ghost Dog?" Well, I'll tell you.

I was out blog-hopping today, taking a break from reading The Zombie Survival Guide, and I found this, via Resistance is Futile!, a fellow Oregonian's blog. Here's the original article, if you don't want to follow the trail. An excerpt:

Not even 24-hours after Private First Class Tim Hines's wife and family said goodbye at his funeral, American flags that had adorned their Fairfield yard were piled beneath a car and burned.
They went into other yards and up to the Hines family house's porch:

Neighbors say Hines' wife's family had flags line their front yard and on the porch.

Those were taken as well as flags in neighboring yards.

Cowardly weasels. What's the matter, too afraid to show your face and protest peacefully? Or can't you write? Maybe you couldn't afford sticks and posterboard? Markers and paint getting too expensive?

You don't like the war, fine. You have every right to protest it, and I have no problem with that (well, if you don't interrupt my commute, or damage property in the process). At the risk of repeating myself - leave the troops (and their families - especially grieving families of the fallen) alone. They have enough shit to put up with - they don't need you hassling them (or vandalizing their property). You don't like the war, go bitch at the Government.

I hope everyone reading this recognizes that the perpetrators of this aren't courageous protesters, standing up against a cause they disagree with - they're criminals. Plain and simple. Even if they'd paraded in front of the house, with signs, burning their own flags, it still would pave been pretty F'd up. Just as bad as that Pennsylvania Lt. Governor crashing a funeral the other day. F'd the hell up.


Mister Jinxy said...

Black Five, The Paratrooper Of Love, is on top of PA's Looey Governor.


As for that other part, I can't say I'm surprise. It being Oregon and all.

Mister Jinxy said...

Errr, or Ohio.

Whatever. Begins with an O.

Ghost Dog said...

Though it didn't happen here, I also would not have been surprised if it had. More outraged, perhaps, but not more surprised.