07 July 2005

Portland Beer Festival Coming Up

Love the pamphlet cover. Wataaaa!!

It's a damn shame it's the weekend after my ankle surgery. Ah, hell - I might just go anyway. Good beer would be worth the hassle of being in pain and on crutches.

I picked up the pamphlet at Belmont Station, where they have all kinds of different brews and beer stuff, like pub towels, etc. Neat place. I also found an Oregon Brewpub Guide with some more festivals listed, and the URL for the Oregon Brewers Guild. If I don't make the PIB, I'm definitely going to the Oregon Brewers Festival at the end of the month. Went last year and had a great time, sampling some mighty fine beers.

Also, check out Beer Troubleshooting 101.


Breanna said...

you rock for local event alerts. my birthday is this coming week and a beer fest will surely be a GREAT way to celebrate!

I'd be happy to find you a wheelchair so you can join in the fun!

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks, I appreciate it. I'll be fine on crutches, though. It's a near-certainty that the wife and I will be there.

Happy Birthday, in advance!