25 July 2005

Pop Culture Is Inescapable

After all that heavy stuff, I thought maybe it's high time to lighten things up around here. Here goes...

Ubiquitous. That's what it is, this pop culture madness. There's no escaping it, and for my part, I am a perpetrator of it in many many e-mail messages within my team at work. Discussions in meetings, too.

For example, there's this matrix of stuff we're making, to help us track the stuff. Naturally, quotes from The Matrix trilogy start creeping into the e-mail discussions. In meetings, you get people doing Agent Smith impressions, or saying something about taking the wrong pill.

Remember the FedEx "Doomed!" ad? Yep, I'm using that stuff, too. So many things we do around here have, if you're to believe their advocates, such dire consequences that using the "Doomed!" stuff is too natural. I have a screen-cap from the video that I use to punctuate it (and explain to the clueless).

And my personal favorite, which I have already used (see the Deferred Success post) - the Guinness ads' "Brilliant!".

The "Terrible Terry Tate" stuff from Reebok was huge for a while, too, but has died down considerably. No, nobody got tackled, but I scared the crap out of a few people by pretending I was about to plant them a la Triple-T. "The pain train's comin'! Whoo Whoo!!"

Then there's the Homer Simpson "D'oh!", Star Wars' ever-present "I've got a bad feeling about this", the Budweiser "Whasssup" (yes, people are still using that, and "True, true"), and the odd King Of The Hill "That boy ain't right".

And of course, Monty Python stuff. From the Argument Clinic to the Holy Grail and beyond. Even the Dead Parrot Sketch has seen action: "This network adapter is dead." "No it isn't, it's resting."

Got any examples or favorites of your own?


Robert Paulson said...

Funny, I am working on a post involving "Triple T." I was also thinking of one on pop culture observations. As Operation Ivy put it; "American culture, Disneyland freakshow." Fuckin' A, Bubba, lovin' every minute of it!

tabitha jane said...

napoleon dynamite follows me wherever i go at the moment.

and really, i don't think i go a day without the use of a "pulp fiction" or "super troopers" quote.

oh, and "office space" sneaks in there pretty often as well.

Ghost Dog said...

Oh hell, how could I have forgotten the Office Space stuff? Could be because it's so oft-used that it isn't noticed anymore.

Which "Super Troopers" quotes? As a native Vermonter, I loved that movie...

tabitha jane said...

let's see . . .
"do you need my assistance? i repeat, do you need my assistance?"

"they get all antsy in their pantsy"

"you forgot to say team ramrod!"
"oh . . . yeah . . . sorry . . . i forgot"

these and other quotes (obviously i don't use them at work all the time, but when i leave . . . )