05 July 2005

My Kingdom for a Camera Phone

Okay, maybe I don't want to trade everything in my kingdom for a camera phone. Sure would have been cool to have one today.
I was out at our nearby Hallmark store at Gresham Station buying a birthday card for the missus, and these 3 teenaged girls were looking out the window at something. I didn't notice them until one of them said "Oh my god!", and I normally wouldn't have given their conversation a second thought until I heard one of them say something about fire.
I went to go see what was so damn fascinating, and lo and behold there was a car across from the store...on fire. I felt bad for the lady whose car it was, but I'd never seen a car on fire before, live and in person. It was kind of mesmerizing, but for only about a second until my "I should do something" reflex kicked in. No sooner had I pulled my cameraless phone from my pocket did I overhear the Hallmark store manager, already on the phone to 9-1-1, saying "Oh, they're already on their way? Oh good."
I ventured close enough to make sure nobody was in the car, and make sure the vehicle next to it was empty as well. Wasn't much I could do, as the blaze had pretty much enveloped the passenger area of the car, and confound it all, I'd left my fire extinguisher in my other pants.
The Gresham Fire Department arrived about 5 minutes after she hung up, and had the flaming automobile extinguished pretty quickly. Not in time to save the vehicle next to it from some pretty nasty fire damage, however.


tabitha jane said...


also, i know exactly what hallmark you speak of sir.

Ghost Dog said...

Ah. Then it would make sense if I told you the car was parked in front of the Lane Bryant store.