19 July 2005

First Day Back To Work, Post-Op

Well, being on crutches sucks. More so now than last time, because they switched to a new shuttle bus between the MAX and my work. The new one (well, new since April) is a friggin' tour bus, with a narrower staircase and more steps. It's a good thing I'm not a big guy, or I'd have to find some other way to board that thing.

I should have had some T-shirts printed up that said something like "This is the result of a planned surgery, not an accident I had over the weekend". That story is getting tiresome to tell.

The handgrips on these crutches smell awful. Think new rubber combined with turpentine and roofing tar. The stench really gets in your hands, so I'm wearing one of my pairs of receivers' gloves. At least the gloves look cool. The other bad thing is the "hot spots" developing just below my armpits. Might have to figure out a way to stop that, either by an improved technique with the crutches, or some athletic tape.

The bandage/wrap on my ankle is so damn bulky that there's no hope of putting a shoe on over it. This is good, in a way - it keeps me from wanting to put weight on the foot at all. It sucks because my toes get cold easily. I've managed to fold over a sock and cover them up, though.

Eh, I'm whining, I guess. So what. At least I'm not in any pain today, and that's without having taking any of my pain meds.


tabitha jane said...

no pain and no pain meds? way to go!

you could puff paint a shirt that says "don't ask" puff paint ALWAYS does the trick!

Ghost Dog said...

I was thinking about handing out flyers with that picture of my ankle from just after the injury on one side, and a printed copy of my blog post (or just the URL) about the surgery on the other.

What's "puff paint"?

Major Clanger said...

At least the nice bus driver allowed you to sit the the special front seats (usually out of bounds for no good reason) instead of making you hobble all the way down to the back, while everyone else politly ignores you as your uncomfortable cruches get tangled in the 100s of iPod headphones and landyards which fill up the bus these days.

Ghost Dog said...

Gaaah! A spy!

Kidding. Welcome, Rew. Nifty photoblog you've got.