11 July 2005

Did I Miss The Memo...?

Was yesterday some kind of holiday for bad driving? Like "Oregon Drive-5-MPH-Under-The-Posted-Speed Day" or something? Or was it just a Gresham municipal holiday? I wasn't even in any kind of hurry, it's just 35mph isn't a comfortable speed for the Jeep - too fast for 3rd gear, too slow for 4th. Do 40, like the sign says, that's all I ask. Is it that hard? Apparently, you can pass Driver's Ed in Oregon schools without passing any kind of test measuring reading comprehension.

Then there was the knucklehead backing up into the drive-thru exit at a nearby McDonald's and nearly getting hammered by this minivan whose driver had a cell phone hanging from her ear. In fact, so did the knucklehead.


BSC said...

Hell, sounds to me like it was "Leave Utah and Visit Oregon Day" there.

We have some real champion drivers here. And they all always have very important phone calls to make as well.