16 July 2005

A Couple Videos For Y'all

Finally spliced together the video clips from the Bellagio dancing water, from our Vegas trip. Fooled around a little with MS' Windows Movie Maker to put the titles/credits. Check it out.

Also, captured some footage of our silly Land Shark chattering at the wife, who was holding a prune. Not sure why Phoebe wanted it so badly. Click to view.


Mister Jinxy said...

Whhaaaaa! That's awesome!

That's what Piggy sounded like this morning trying to wake us up.

Ghost Dog said...

I wish I'd had the camera rolling yesterday afternoon. Phoebe was in rare form, and we were egging her on by asking ridiculous questions. I don't think I've seen her do the "puzzled dog head tilt" more often in a few minutes' time.