16 July 2005

Ankle Surgery Report

Everything went fine, and I'm not even "doped up" on pain meds. I have only taken a couple of my pills, and I'm about due for another, 'cause I'm starting to feel it. Story time:

We get to the hospital fairly early, since traffic didn't turn out to be as bad as we expected. Good thing we got there early, because we ended up taking the full tour of the parking facility. We went back down from the top and found a spot on the 3rd level that had just been vacated seconds before we pulled up. Sweet.

Check-in was smooth, thanks to doing most of the stuff over the phone earlier in the week. We get processed and they dump us off in the "sit-down" room. It's about 11am. We waited in there for about an hour before my name got called. I felt kind of bad for the lady who was still sitting there - she'd been there since before we sat down. We pointed this out to the staff, and they toddled off to see what was up with that.

We get into the room where I'm to strip and get into that wonderful hospital gown with the open back. I do so, and find that this gown has a slit that goes more to the side, which is kinda cool, and the side ties overlap so you aren't giving everyone a show. More questions about drug allergies and all the other crap that I had to say over the phone earlier in the week as well as fill out on a form, so I'm getting quicker with the answers, kind of like when you're the last one to order at a restaurant and you know what the waitperson is going to ask next.

The nurse comes in and marks my right ankle and pulls off the little sock thing, then they scrub it all down from the knee down with iodine. So, I'm pretty confident at that point they'll cut into the correct ankle. Only thing that worried me at this point was the nurse having to fish around for my vein for the IV. Finally, she gives up on trying to put it into my right arm and goes for the back of my left hand - which worked perfectly. Oh yeah - my blood pressure was kinda high by then, too. Probably just nerves, but I didn't feel all that nervous...anyway...

The anesthesiologist comes in and talks to me a little about all the things they'll do as far as knocking me out and how everything works. I say goodbye to the missus, and he wheels me down into the OR, and I finally get to see my doc. We exchange pleasantries, and he gives me a little pep talk about what to expect. The anesthesiologist says something about "this will take about 20 seconds to take effect", and that's the last thing I remember before waking up in the post-op room.

I get fed some ice chips, and talk to one of the post-op nurses for a bit, then get wheeled back up to my short-stay room. It's about 4pm at that point, and I'm drifting in and out of sleep, thirsty as hell, but otherwise feeling fine.

The missus shows up around 4:45, after having taken the pup to the vet (ear infection, she's fine, though) and battling traffic on I-84. I had been downing ice water like crazy and had some saltines, because I was feeling hungry and dehydrated. Guess I went a little too nuts on that stuff because it started coming back up, after about an hour. We were there until around 8:45 last night, after I barfed up what seemed like a gallon of water. Blecch. Not to go un-reported was the rather painful removal of the tape that held my IV in place. I have a nice little strip of ripped-out hair on my left forearm. I should have told the nurse to let me do it. Slow and with the grain always works for me, whenever I've had to pull a band-aid or athletic tape off one of my hairy limbs. I finally start feeling well enough to go home (partly because I got Becky and the nurses to stop talking about nausea - every time they mentioned it, I hurled).

The nurse comes in and talks a little about exactly what was done (debris removal, and they did some drilling of the osteochondral lesion, to promote its healing) and what the next steps were. Satisfied I was well enough to go, the nurse called for an orderly to wheel me out and away we went.

I finally get home, and I just crashed. Hard. Got up around 1:30am, since the wife was out with her sister and had just returned home. Originally, she was going to go out and get her copy of the new Harry Potter book at around 9:30pm, then go out with her sister for dinner and drinks, maybe be back around 11pm. What ended up happening was they got in a long line, checked in, were told that the books wouldn't be handed out until midnight, went out to Old Chicago, had drinks until around 11-something, went back, got the book, and went home. We stayed up and chatted about that for a bit, I ate some toast, had some 7-Up, managed to keep all that down, and popped a Percocet and off to sleep.

Today's agenda: Watch Evil Dead (the replacement arrived Thursday, intact!) and Evil Dead 2, and be waited on hand and foot. Thanks for the well-wishes, tabitha, SOLOFLYER, punk-san, Jinxy-san, Latigo, and anyone else I've forgotten. This Percocet's for you.


Mister Jinxy said...

"Who's laughing NOW!!!"


tabitha jane said...

can't wait to read the new harry potter book! (i'm not buying them though . . . i'm waiting for them to come out in a boxed set) i'm just gonna get it at the library in a few months when the excitement is over. hope no one spoils it for me . . .