26 June 2005

The Toasters...touring this summer...coming to Portland?

Visited The Toasters' web page for the first time in over a month, and noticed they have a bunch of dates in September and October this year, but most of them don't have cities on the calendar listing. However, the timeline and the locations that are there suggest they're heading west. Lots of early dates in Mid-Atlantic states, then some later ones in Texas...I sure hope they come out here to Portland. I haven't seen them in a few years, and I'm itching for some good live SKA!


Mister Jinxy said...

Ask The Punk about the time we saw the Toasters in Wilmington and how he almost got us all thrown out for doing the Atomic Elbow from the top rail on some dude's head moments after we walked in the door.

Breanna said...

no kidding. if there's anything the Portland Music Scene is lacking it's a decent and consistent offering of ska.

keep us updated on concert locations!

Ghost Dog said...

JJJj: I'll have to do that. I suspect, though, if that particular incident happened before 1996, he might have mentioned it.

B: I will definitely be posting once I see a confirmed date for Portland or Eugene or anywhere nearby! When I first got out here in '97, I saw a bunch of shows - Toasters, Selecter, Easy Big Fella, Skatalites, and some others, but haven't seen much since I guess about 2000. I miss seeing some live ska.