19 June 2005


Nifty little thunderbumper this evening. I managed to capture a brief clip, which I slowed down so you can see the lightning better. Also, took a picture of the kinda creepy orange sky:

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tabitha jane said...

it was totally like the end of the world last night!! in my area of town, there was a double rainbow and on one side of the rainbow was this weird green/grey flat clouded sky and on the other side was blue sky and a brilliant sunset. and then the thunder and lightening set in! and the wind! all the people we walked past on the street were commenting how it really felt like the end of the world or something. i said it felt like a thunderstorm. but it sure was cool!

awesome picture by the way!

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks, T. I'm in the Rockwood area, and that shot was taken looking pretty much northwest from my front porch. The lightning clip was shot from my back yard, facing generally southeast. Not posted was a shot of the dual rainbows to the south-southwest.

tabitha jane said...

i love the northwest.

that's all i had to say.