04 June 2005

Site News

Heh..."Site News"...like there's more than 3 readers anyway. I'm sure the three of you are observant enough to notice the stuff that I've changed. In the off chance I've misjudged your attention to detail, and on the even-more-off chance that I have readers numbering beyond 3, here's some things I've done to the blog lately:

  • Added a link to the blog of the J-120 racing sailboat that my brother Jim crews on, when he's not deployed overseas. He doesn't e-mail, much less post there about Iraq, but I like boat racing pictures and keeping an eye on how the boat is doing.
  • Added a link to the Oregon blog community page, just below the "I power Blogger" button. I haven't read many of them, so no recommendations at this time. Probably all hippies or techie geeks. Not that the latter is a bad thing. Hey, look - Gone Ronin is there!
  • Added a link to a fellow Portlander's blog, Bad Diary Days. I haven't read too much of this one, but I kinda like it so far, and I figure if she reads Clown Ops and Latigo Flint, she's alright.
  • Added a link to my crappy little MS FrontPage 2003 web site's Oregon Photos page. There are some pretty cool pics of places we've been around the state. I'm about at my limit for space there, so I'll probably only post new stuff here on the blog.
  • Also linked to the Sony PSP forums, for anyone out there who has one and would like to get help from, or laugh at, teenage kids who are pissed off at their parents for securing (sort of) their wireless network with WEP.
  • Another new link is there for the Untold Story of Squirrel Hazing rituals. A post at Bad Diary Days prompted me to re-find this gem.
  • Then there's the countdown to my ankle surgery. Whee!
  • And finally, a link to Saturated Pixels - Todd Smith Photography. Todd is a Steelers fan, and a pretty good photographer.

Anyway, there you go. Site News. *snicker*


Mister Jinxy said...

Finally. We amputate.

Breanna said...

what an awesome idea to pool Oregon blogs together. well done. just in case i didn't already spend most of my workday parusing blogs...this guarantees it

tabitha jane said...

what's happening with your ankle?

also, if being a techie isn't basd, is being a hippie bad? be careful . . . i eat organic! :)

Ghost Dog said...

Tabitha: The ankle story may be found here. Be warned, there's a picture of my ankle from the day after the injury that is pretty...graphic.

Eating organic doesn't make you a hippie. Leastaways, I don't think so. And I don't actually know any real hippies, so I can't say if being one is bad. But look what they almost did to South Park!

tabitha jane said...

i looked at the picture and eeewww . . .