24 June 2005

Phoebe 5, Footballs 0

Well, the Land Shark has done it again, destroying another football. I wonder if she'll ever figure out how to pick the ball up by the white laces instead of trying to bite the ends.

Our late Great Dane, Hank, mastered the technique without puncturing a single ball. Oh well. I think the next ball might be one of those glow-in-the-dark deals, as they appear to be made of some pretty tough material. Hard to stop the Land Shark's jaws, though, as shown in a recent photo where a stick met its demise.

Recently captured video footage has been made available showing the Land Shark's quick-strike ability. Amazingly, the cameraman survived the attack, and the camera was undamaged.


Mister Jinxy said...


That's awesome. Gotta learn how to post video.

Piggy's jealous.

Breanna said...

whew! last week in Vegas I placed all my money on the dog...glad to see that it paid off.

you'll be receiving your cut of the check soon

The Rambling Taoist said...

Hmm. I had a prized football once. It was given to my dad (he was a judge) by the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. It was THE football Otis Taylor caught for the winning touchdown against the hated Oakland Raiders.

I cherished that football...until one find day when my dog tried to eat it! Chewed right through one end and punctured the inner bladder. I think I still have the deflated pigskin somewhere in the attic.

Of course, it would be mighty difficult to throw or punt now ;-)

Ghost Dog said...

Jinxy-san, all you need is a place to store it. If your ISP has web page space, just put a folder up and stick the video in there and link it. That's all I did.

B: I didn't know you could bet on dogs vs. footballs in Vegas. Gonna have to put some $ down when I go next week.