27 June 2005

Non-stop Excitement at the Gresham DMV

*Yawn* Yep, completely fibbing about the excitement part.

Had to renew my driver's license today. As we were walking in, a woman ran into the place ahead of us, managing to be 2 customers ahead of me. No big deal, I wasn't in any hurry. I literally did "have all day".

We get in there, get our number and wait. Numbers are getting called at a pretty good clip, and lots of people aren't answering. That seems to frustrate some of the DMV workers - you can tell from the tone of their voice when they call the next one. At any rate, it seems I won't be hanging around this party palace too long.

Of course, it happens that there is a rather long delay between the time they called the number before mine and the time they called my number. No worries, though - license renewal is a pretty easy task. Admitting my weight had ballooned from 165 to 180 in 4 years wasn't comforting, but these things happen when you don't watch what you eat or exercise enough. Question time ends, and it's back to waiting for a new picture, signing the digital pad, and getting my new license.

Sounds easy enough. We wait...and wait. I look over, and there are 3 people huddled around the machine that actually makes the licenses. This can't be good, I think. The wife turns to me and says something about luck, and it's a good thing I don't have anywhere else to be today. We make the usual jokes to each other (how many DMV people does it take to fix the machine?), then start thinking about where the next nearest field office is.

The machine finally gets fixed. There was much rejoicing. Ms.-I'm-In-A-Big-Hurry waited nearly as long as I did. I don't think she was too happy, but she was at least civil about the whole thing. Which sort of disappointed me. I was hoping for a scene.

That would have been interesting. At least tomorrow should be an adventure, as should the next few days. Gonna miss the pup, though.


tabitha jane said...

i hate the dmv. i bought my car a year ago and still haven't gotten the title (just the receipt). they sent it to the wrong address and it is just taking FOREVER to work it out.