15 June 2005

No such thing as a free lunch?

You know the old saying. Today appears to have been an exception. I was out at lunch with some of my co-workers, at a restaurant we visit on a fairly regular basis. The waitress wasn't one of the ones we usually get, so we knew we were probably in for a handful of mistakes. Well, we were right. Orders got a little jumbled, since our girl was one of those who thinks she can memorize 7 orders at a single table (she couldn't). The fries we got weren't the best, either. But it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Still, a barely tipworthy performance at best.

Anyway, bill time comes around, and she comes out with 3 of our 7 tickets messed up. Mine apparently got lost in the shuffle amid all the confusion. After nearly mentioning something about it (and getting shushed by my tablemates), the waitress, oblivious, scooped up all the re-done tickets, processed the cards, came back with change, and bid us a fine afternoon.

Lunch with the guys: Priceless. Or, costless.


BSC said...

Your friends put a stop to one of those costly 'conscience attacks.' Friends like this shouyld be kept around.

tabitha jane said...