22 June 2005

Learned Some New Blogger Tricks

If I could only figure out where to set the default font for composing posts, I'd be set. In the meantime, however, I've learned some nifty stuff from the Blogger Help:

It's not too hard, just make use of the "Preview" button when you're tinkering with your template, and remember the "Clear All Edits" button can be your friend if you're afraid you accidentally killed some big chunk of your template code.

Feedback is welcome. If you think the changes suck, by all means let me know. When you have as few readers as I do, you want to keep them, right?


tabitha jane said...

groovy changes. someday i'll get around to blogimprovement too . . .

Mister Jinxy said...

K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple, Stupid.

My philosphy.

That way I can dedicate my limited brain cells to more important things.

Like Beer and Football.

Ghost Dog said...

tj: Thanks.

JJJj: Yeah, but do you like it?