08 June 2005

Go Figure

I like to mess with people who use well-known sayings. It's fun. If you get the right person, you can really drive them nuts, and sometimes you get the person who'll really get into it with you over the whole thing.
Take the phrase "Go figure", for example. Where am I supposed to go? When should I come back? Do you want the results, and if so, how? Do you want to see my work, or just the answer?
Or how about "Give me a ballpark figure"? 318 feet down the left-field line. 60 feet, 6 inches. 38,125 seats. Oh, you meant about the thing we were talking about? You sure? Ballparks are pretty big. I mean, just look at all the foul territory behind the plate at Yankee Stadium. PNC Park is pretty small by MLB standards, but you're looking at 3.1 acres of grass and the total area of the structure is 970,000 square feet. Sure you don't want me to be a little more accurate than "in the ballpark"?


tabitha jane said...

heh heh.

evil, like the fruits of the devil. but basically awesome!