09 June 2005

The Cubicle Gods Are Frowning Upon Me This Day

For somewhere close to a year now, I have enjoyed the luxury of having a cubicle here at work that is roughly 1.5x the size of everyone else's. I lucked into it, really - the cubicle used to be what we called a "bullpen", meaning that it was more like a mini-lab than an office. It got converted and not reduced in size, so the end result was a cubicle big enough for 2 "offices" plus a small round table, 2 chairs, and the test machines of both my cubemate and myself. Pretty cool when you are in a position where a lot of people come to you for answers and to discuss things. Everyone who visited was at least marginally impressed and/or jealous.

But, it isn't going to last. The Cubicle Gods are, on this day, going to smite my shared palace, robbing it of its grandeur and me of the wall space I have been using to display my Terrible Towel and "Reserved Parking: Steelers Fans Only" sign.

The reason for this? So sayth the Facilities Prophet from on high: "Yea, though the animals and plants of the valley may be bountiful, and the men and women designeth not any circuit boards, a plotter (big F'n printer-type thing) shall grace the landscape, for the valley must not be without one."



At least you have walls, you could be like Les Nessman from the old WKRP TV show