22 June 2005

Birthday Coming Up

Well folks, it's just past the summer solstice, and that means yours truly is only days away from notching another completed year of existence. I'm going to be gone to Vegas to enjoy my latest Born On Date. Here's a big hint on how old I'll be:


tabitha jane said...

happy 34th birthday!

and happy summer solctice!

Mister Jinxy said...

I'll hold his arms. You give him the rabbit punches.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Thanks for the hotlinks. I've been planning to get my blog up to snuff technically. And since I'm a computer dipshit, these will help.

Ghost Dog said...

tj: Thanks!

LBB: Glad to be of service. I'm no HTML genius, so all I really did was copy and paste code. I know enough to tweak things a little, but I couldn't begin to do that stuff from scratch.